Editor’s letter

A grid, rows, columns and sometimes a few arrows. Behind the arithmetic of the shape, the words running across and down like lexical shuttles seem to want to weave their own stories. They form parallel bars, they finesse edges, exchange a few views, finagle the angles, reach for the corners, opt for new directions. And the mesh they compose are so many clues to unravel.A minor Czech anarchist in five letters?* Go check out Perec.

Aude Revier

Postcard by Habile Buston

A loyal reader of the magazine and globetrotter, with homes in Paris and Montreal, this illustrator retains powerful memories of Cuba and Brazilgrandiose landscapes and saturated shades. He sends us a nod, via watercolor, from Marrakech’s Jardin Majorelle, where the colors beckon him to break free.


Texte Alain Brunet

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