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Journalistes et photographes en reportage pour le magazine se mettent à table. Ricochets gourmands autour du globe.

Shikoku In Japan, kaiseki meals are made up of an assortment of small dishes. However varied, they are always seasonal. In spring, there might be rapeseed buds; come summer, cherry blossoms; in the autumn, mushrooms; during the winter, lily root. In the remote Iya Valley, on Shikoku, an island in the south of the archipelego, a gourmet meal might feature pansy flowers with venison and ginger sushi. After an interlude or twofeaturing, for example, tomatoes with wasabi jelly and grilled troutflowers might pop up again in the form of hibiscus tempura. Even visitors new to Japan will recognize this as a menu heralding summer.

Montenegro Elderflower grows in clusters and thrives in wild hedges alongside footpaths. In May, its blossoms are religiously harvested to make elderflower cordial. First, they are simmered for an hour in a saucepan of boiling water, together with lemon juice and a little sugar. Then they are left to steep in the pan, which is covered with a cloth, until the following day, when the elderflower decoction is strained into bottles. Mixed with still water, sok od zove is the most deliciously thirst-quenching drink.

New York Rhubarb, like peas, is the queen of spring. Its huge leaves look as though they came from a tropical greenhouse. When you’re drinking it out of a glass, it might seem hard to picture the gigantic plant it comes from. But the cocktail served at Manhattan’s Mark Restaurant captures the spirit. Called a Rhubarb Royale, it’s a kind of kir. The barman makes it with a rhubarb and elderflower base, blended with prosecco. Sunset pink in color, it’s fizzy, fresh and acidica bit like the multiple reflections of the Upper East Side.

the Mark Restaurant

25 East 77th Street.


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