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Ski, style, hors-piste

Vertical, a new range of skis weighing less than 1 kg for tackling the slopes lightfooted.

Backcountry skiing is returning to its roots with Dynastar, just as it experiences a boomboosted by technological advances that are making the sport more accessible.

This strange skier gives ski lifts and well-groomed runs a wide berth, merrily ascending snow-packed slopes far from the streams of people flying down them. Backcountry skiers are descendants of the early days of skiing, when skis were donned not for sporty fun, but to get about in the mountains. Special equipment enables them to do everything: to climb peaks, thanks to detachable boots and artificial sealskins fixed to the bottom of the skis to prevent them from slipping while ascending, and also to ski downhill in powder, slush or hard-packed snow, going wherever the snow groomer has not turned the mountain into a highway. The Mont Blanc Valley brand Dynastar is spearheading the current boom in backcountry skiing with more user-friendly equipment, developed thanks to Factory Team, the company’s posse of sports ambassadors, who include Olympic champion Jean-Frédéric Chapuis. The new ultra-light Vertical line stands out in that each ski weighs barely 1 kilo. A core of flattened diagonal-weave carbon fiber also offers greater flexibility and strength. Available in three models (Eagle, Deer, Bear) tailored to different levels of experience, the line enables non-expert skiers who love winter sports in their purest form to enjoy backcountry skiing.

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