Icebreaker, tenue

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Icebreaker turns merino wool into high-performance clothing that is light and styled for outdoor activities.

It’s time we did justice to the sheep, ever typecast as a herd-minded animal wrapped up in its daily routine. Yet it’s inspired many an adventure story, not least that of Icebreaker. Jeremy Moon launched the brand 23 years ago after a chance encounter with merino sheep and their fleece that adapts to extreme temperature variations. Since then, the New Zealand brand has been knitting up a bevy of high-performance garments suited to every outdoor activity, year-round. Its specialty product is the base layer, to wear alone or with multiple layers, regulating moisture and working with your body’s microclimate. Icebreaker makes T-shirts, long and short leggings, plus jackets, hoodies, gloves and more. All are tailored to the precise movement, to reaching for the next hold, crossing that final mountain pass: flat seams, zipper guards, thumb-hole cuffs, ribbed cuff bands that don’t impede your stride. For the last four seasons, an outer shell has completed the range: the soft, compressible MerinoLOFT™ quilted jacket, with a wool fill and water- repellent outer fabric. At the other end of the range there’s underwear to slip on like a second skin, with a fiber diameter as small as 17 microns (a hair is 50). All of the clothes dry in a flash, are soft and light as a cloudand a little less cumbersome than a herd to stay warm.

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