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Sélection culturelle, gourmande, astuces d’initiés et adresses pointues pour engager la rentrée l’âme dans les contes.

Tous en piste !

Italie When Dutchman Marcel Wanders brings the circus out of the big tent and onto the table, things perk up. The Jester corkscrew, The Candyman candy dispenser, The Strongman nutcracker, The Ballerina carillon and others will keep you entertained.

Collection alessi Circus

Design Marcel Wanders. Édition limitée.

Boltanski ou l’ombre enchantée

Bologne Christian Boltanski’s work on memory challenges our sensitive souls, saving them from the vagaries of chance, whether he’s calmly educating us, or else unnerving or jolting us. In Bologna, where 25 of his historic works are on display, the artist is presenting Volver and Animitas for the first time in Europe.


Jusqu’au 12.11. MAMbo, Via Don Minzoni, 14.

Vous chantiez ? Jouez, maintenant

Vancouver An accordion-style chest of drawers, an apple-core cabinetthese pieces of maplewood furniture, which seem to have come straight out of Alice’s Wonderland, were dreamed up by Judson Beaumont. Bored with conventional furniture making, the impish Canadian designer revels in shaking things up.


Parfum des lieux

Melbourne Close your eyes, soak up the atmosphere and imagine spaces, volumes, nooks and corners that Aesop’s debut indoor fragrances have left in the air. Istros has a mysterious smokiness, Olous, a citrus-fruit freshness, and Cythera, a spicy heat. Like new landscapes with Mediterranean hints.

parfums d’intérieur

L’ouragan Pettibon

Maastricht Wham! Here comes Tucson-born Raymond Pettibon and his 700 works from the 1960s to the present day, on display in the museum built by Aldo Rossi by the Meuse. Pettibon from A to Z, including his classic Sonic Youth flyers, post-punk aphorisms and ink wash drawings.


Jusqu’au 29.10. Bonnefanten museum, avenue Céramique 250.

Éclipse de soleil levant

Milan Italian designer Fausto Puglisi has combined the symmetry and lines of the yukata (a light cotton kimono) with rich, warm motifs in the form of flamboyant suns and giant palms. Exclusively for YOOX, the collection is a shimmering, modern tribute to this traditional garment.

Fausto Puglisi x YOOX

Coton ivoire imprimé.

Fragrants écrits

Genève Madame de Sévigné, who wrote letters on scented paper, would surely have had her senses sharpened: four Caran d’Ache pencils by Mizensir made in four precious woods, scented with patchouli, frankincense and tonka bean. Sillages of words and sketches.

coffret de crayons parfumés Mizensir x Caran d’Ache et

© Christian Boltanski, ADAGP Paris 2017. Photo : Matteo Monti/Courtesy Istituzione Bologna Musei - Wanders - Mike Wakefield

© Aesop - George Etheredge - YOOX - Mizensir

Kate Lindsey, Opéra, Miranda