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12 million French people are joggers.

1ère the largest Mediterranean island, Sicily, covering 25 710km2 , followed by Sardinia (24 090km2), and ahead of Cyprus (9 250km2), Corsica (8 680km2) and Crete (8 330km2).

51% of the world’s websites are in English(leading language of Internet users worldwide) and just 2% are in Chinese (second-ranked language of Internet users).

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Once upon a time there were a few once-legendary companies that were reborn, shining anew with consumers. The strategy for each brand was to put the emphasis on the new and to keep up with the times. Nostalgia sells well, so what seems like an unfashionable image could actually be a plus. An electric bicycle as popular among grandmothers as with young executives? Solex swapped its two-stroke engine for an electric one, hoping to capitalize n the popularity of its name. Computer sales gone flat? Apple banked on its reputation for innovation and great design to jump into the telephone and tablet market. And what about K-Way? It has built on a creative strategy that was careful to retain the company’s signature feature (the tricolor zipper) while adhering to the basic tenets of its early success (simple and practical, unisex). With a few judicious initiatives thrown in, like partnerships with well-known ready-to-wear brands, and the use of new, more comfortable, breathable materials, this label is once again among the hottest fashion brands.

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X 33 the increase in sales in five years by the French running shoes brand Hoka One One.

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3 most stimulating jobs: mathematician, architect and communications manager, according to a HappyAtWork study conducted in France.

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To help protect the planet, in particular against environmental threats, legal protection for nature is now an option. The New Zealand parliament has granted the Whanganui River “living entity” status, with all the corresponding rights, duties and liabilities of a legal person. The Indian state of Uttarakhand, in the Himalayas, has taken similar action to protect its glaciers and waterways. The Ganges is now doubly sacred. The granting of this type of status has obviously been welcomed by local populations, who are proud that their heritage is now recognized and protected, and that their sentimental attachment holds greater weight than anything else. For many Australians, the financial value attributed to the Great Barrier Reef by Deloitte Access Economics€37 billion, calculated on the basis of its tourist value alonemust seem a tad simplistic and superficial.

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