A show of hands

When it comes to the thorny issue of cultural merchandise, those hopeful little souvenir objects positioned at the exit to the exhibition, museums sometimes lack imagination. Mugs, handkerchiefs, erasers, umbrellasthe list is as varied as it is lazy, and is rarely either bold or relevant. But check out the Dalí Theater-Museum, where tiny socks have been knitted ready to act out a play. Gala and Dalí: two finger puppets ready to set the stage alight with their crazy antics. Mustache pointing skyward, lion’s mane, wild eyes: made out of bits of wool, the resemblance may not be perfect, but these characters have a whole life to act out. It is perhaps no coincidence that only these two have been made. There are no puppets of the othersno past lovers or figures from the artistic galaxy of the time. Nor are there any stage sets. The story is left to the imagination of the director. With nothing more than a finger, the great spectacle of the artist’s life is recreated. And since these very unusual puppets have a penchant for stories within stories, it will surprise no one to learn that in order to find them you have to go to Figueres, to the Dalí Theater-Museum. A museum-cum-work of art created by the artist . . . in a former municipal theater.

marionnettes à doigt Dalí et gala

Théâtre-musée Dalí. Plaça Gala i Salvador Dalí, 5, Figueras. Tél. +34 972 67 75 00.

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