David Sarfati

David Sarfati

David Sarfati

Fondateur et directeur artistique de 13 Bonaparte

What is 13 Bonaparte?

It’s a universe that is simultaneously temporal and outside time, a shop where time seems to have stopped. It shares a space with a design studio. I’m not a stylist, but I chose each collaborator. It’s a space that offers timeless menswear, a candleand soon an eau de colognetogether with books, photos and bouquets, among other things. 13 Bonaparte is a sensual label.

What inspires you?

Things my customers say, what they tell me. It’s the person who makes the clothes, and not the other way around. Indeed, for fashion shows, I use people off the street and seek out what they embody.

What is unique about your collections?

They’re numbered and don’t follow the seasonal fashion calendar. I create two capsule collections each year, but above all, I have a core of permanent mid-season designs in various fabrics and colors. I create hybrid clothes with diverse influences. I want to slow down, to master time and my designs. Not having a strict calendar also enables factories and suppliers to understand better what we want.

What places embody 13 Bonaparte’s raison d’être?

A place that can only be reached by sea: the Villa Malaparte, where Godard shot Le Mépris. A building with clean lines, between nature and water. And Brasilia, for Niemeyer’s architecture.

Is travel always a pleasure?

Yes, even though I’ve been moving around since I was a child. I lead a life without frontiers, inspired by creations and cultures from all over. I love dynamic cities where people live outdoors, where there’s a mixture of cultures and the architecture is distinctive, like Tel Aviv and Buenos Aires.

What’s the first thing you do in a new place?

I sit in a café to take the pulse of the city. I visit galleries and museums, and explore emerging neighborhoods, which are breeding grounds for new ways of living.

1982 Naissance à Paris.

2006 S’installe à New York pour travailler dans l’univers des parfums et cosmétiques.

2009 Rejoint la direction image des Galeries Lafayette.

2011 Création de 13 Bonaparte et présentation de la collection no0.

2012 Ouverture de la boutique 2, rue de Normandie (Haut Marais, Paris).

Février 2017 Création de la filiale 13 Bonaparte USA.

Avril 2017 Collection Le Denim, avec les premiers modèles femme.

Août 2017 Ouverture d’une boutique à Downtown, Los Angeles.

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