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John Haston is upending the intimate world of design with its flawless, accessible bespoke suits.

Avenue Matignon, a weekday morning. Snazzy cars jostle for space on the road.The sidewalk is packed with businessmen/women in suits and dark jackets. Art galleries overflow with works by Mathieu, Buffet and Poliakoff. At n° 14, the entry leads via a graceful staircase to a varnished wooden door. Bell. The door opens.

Going for half-measures

“The world of John Haston is a world of half-measures,” recalls founder Gérard Motté. The technique requires two fitting sessions to create a suit. One is devoted to taking measurements and choosing fabrics, the other to adjusting details and correcting any flawsincluding concealing imperfections of the body: paunch, stoop, drooping shoulders. Fused jackets, which lack any elasticity, are out. Linings, and in particular interfacing, are sewn for greater flexibility. “We work on the detailing. The customer can choose the shape of the collar, a shoulder, a pocket, even the number of buttons,” Motté points out. In other words, a meticulous half-measure, but at a measured price. The approach has already proved popular with Carlos Rosillo (Bell & Ross) and Laurent Delahousse.

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