Sun for jobs

In partnership with Air France, Acting for Life provides an innovative solution for unemployed young Burkinabés: training in solar energy.

Burkina Faso is almost continually sunny, but only 20 percent of the 19 million inhabitants have regular access to electricity, fewer than 3 percent in rural areas. Acting for Life, in partnership with the association Tin Tua, the ANPE training center in the east and the one in Fada N’Gourma, is initiating a pilot training program in photovoltaic electricity, to boost income. Working with local partners and professionals to get nationwide certification for the training program, 90 people under the age of 25, half of whom have dropped out of school, will do a two-year apprenticeship—leading to a diploma or a certificate—in general and solar electricity. The program includes practical sessions in the field to install solar electricity in schools and health centers.

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