The Foyer Maurice Sixto (FMS) in Port-au-Prince educates and cares for child domestic workers, offering them food, affection and recreational activities. It’s also raising awareness in the families where the children work

As you enter the classroom at FMS, it’s hard to imagine that all of the smiling attentive schoolchildren are here after working in a so-called “host” family (nearly 250,000 in Haiti). These young children are the offspring of poor parents from rural areas who’ve entrusted them to urban families in the hopes of giving them access to schooling and a better life. Since 2012 and with backing from the Air France Foundation, the organization Terre des Hommes Suisse has been running programs to promote children’s rights and offering support to FMS, which cares for 300 child domestic workers, many of them mistreated, after work to offer them schooling, a balanced meal and affection and recreational activities. By offering support, FMS is also raising awareness among all Haitians to the fact that all children have the same rights.

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